[Autocrypt] Posteo with outgoing autocrypt-headers

Pablo autocrypt at duckdalbe.org
Mon Dec 18 15:07:54 EST 2017

On 2017-12-18 20:49, holger wrote:
> I wonder if it makes sense to add Posteo in some way to the
> https://autocrypt.org/en/latest/dev-status.html table?

I don't know. The only category from that table that applies is "header
inject", as far as I can tell. All other categories won't be implemented
by posteo, because they belong into the user-device or -app.

> And one question ... Posteo adds Autocrypt headers to outgoing mails 
> if 
> a) the mail does not already contain an autocrypt header
> b) a user registered and chose to publish a key in WKD

You can chose to have the key published, or not. If published, the key
is available via DANE, and WKD (and a WKD-like, human-readable URL).

> With respect to b), can a user register but not publish a key?

Yes. Users can upload their key and only have it used for the inbound
encryption feature.

To have the key *and* the "prefer-encrypt: mutual"-bit included in the
header, both features (publishing and inbound-encryption) must be active
for a user.

Cheers, Pablo

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