[Autocrypt] Lost newcomer

compl4xx compl4xx at riseup.net
Tue Dec 19 11:44:38 EST 2017

Hi Jan,

this is the perfect channel :) And I'm glad that you are giving us this
valuable feedback.

The current website is, indeed, written for techies. Sorry for that. We
are working on a more user-faced website to tackle this problem:

I'm interested, if this page answer your questions - can you give us
some feedback if it works better for your requirements?

Thanks a lot,


On 19.12.2017 17:10, Jan Simon wrote:
> Dear readers,
> I'm not sure if this is the right channel to post this message, but I
> did not find another way.
> I was interested in Autocrypt, because my trials to work with PGP have
> not been successful. I've opened the homepage
> https://autocrypt.org/en/latest/index.html
> and hoped to find some useful explanations. The link "What is
> autocrypt?" looked perfectly. But what do I find there? No description
> of what autocrypt is. It is explained, what the problem with emails
> is, why a new approach is needed. I read that "diverse group of mail
> app developers hackers and researchers" work in this project and where
> which meetings took place. It is mentioned, which headers are added to
> the emails, and that the future process will have different "Levels".
> This is written by someone, who is very familiar with the project. But
> for a newcomer as me, essential questions are left open:
> 1. What is autocrypt?
> 2. Can I install it on one of my devices, PC, tablet, smartphone,
> Blackberry?
> 3. What will my communication partners have to do to read my mails?
> If the intention of autocrypt was "Encrypted E-Mail for Humans", the
> homepage is not useful. It is written by insiders for insiders. It is
> really difficult to gather the required information from this page for
> me, and I'm working in the IT business. I will not use autocrypt,
> because I have the strong impression, that e.g. my mother has no
> chance to understand, what this is and how it could be used.
> The FAQ on this page is made for insiders also. What is a "MUA"?
> This home page is very nice, but the contest rejects interested
> people. I'm sure the actual intention was different. Please let
> somebody review the contents, who is not an insider already.
> Thanks for your attention and sorry, if this mailing list is not a
> valid channel to contact the home page authors.
> Jan
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