[Autocrypt] Level 1 autocrypt spec final PR

Daniel Kahn Gillmor dkg at fifthhorseman.net
Thu Dec 21 10:48:56 EST 2017

On Thu 2017-12-21 10:03:50 +0100, holger krekel wrote:
> At this winter solstice day, a year after the Autocrypt
> effort was founded at the OnionSpace in Berlin, it appears that
> the first Autocrypt spec gets "1.0" final.  The according PR is here: 
> https://github.com/autocrypt/autocrypt/pull/302
> The according "Level 1" milestone shows "81 issues closed" and "0" open:
> https://github.com/autocrypt/autocrypt/milestone/1
> but fear not, we are not running out of issues. 
> But let's hope that with this spec release we can 
> contribute to "e-mail encryption solstice" ... :)

I've just reviewed and merged this PR.  Congratulations everyone on all
this work, i think the specification is in really good shape, and it's
something we can be proud of!

I've tagged commit ID 57d43a97ce1583421b50ce2739a1400c8f0fd487 with

In the spirit of cyclical life that the solstice reminds us of:

    The collaborative work of crafting the level 1 spec is complete!
    Now we get down to the real work of making sure we hold each other
    to implementing it :)

If you haven't re-read the spec from top to bottom recently, i recommend
doing so.  If you do so with pen (or $EDITOR) in hand, even better :)

If you find that the spec doesn't match your implementation, consider
whether either your implementation or the spec should change:

 * If the spec is wrong in a trivial way, or is unclear or ambiguous,
   let's fix it; i actually expect we'll push a 1.0.1 sooner rather than

 * If the spec could use some significant additions to match the
   sophisticated stuff you're doing, please make a branch that describes
   your activity and solicit feedback here on-list about it.  We can
   collect those changes and improvements and roll them into a future
   1.1.0 revision of the specification.

 * And, if you find your implementation should be fixed to match this
   specification, please note it in your project's bugtracker.  Also,
   feel free to talk to the list about what you're working on to bring
   your implementation into closer compliance.  Raising the concerns you
   have in public is likely to help other implementers who might not
   have considered the same issues in as much detail yet (or who are
   currently suffering in silence).

Ok, let's get to it!  i'm sure we all want to see lots of check-marks
appearing in https://autocrypt.org/dev-status.html :)


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