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  1.                 Mr. Ledum Mitee has succeeded in deceiving and misleading Ogoni for these 13 years unchecked.
  2.                 Ledum Mitee was never at any time elected as MOSOP President, hence cannot seek re-election for any so-called second term.
  3.                 Ledum was never appointed as the MOSOP President by our late hero, Ken Saro Wiwa, as claimed by him.
  4.                 In his 13 years of self acclaimed MOSOP President, Ledum Mitee proudly served as an errand boy to Government and Shell instead of Ogoni.
  5.                 For his 1st and 2nd terms as UPO President, what would Ledum Mitee be proud of achieving for Ogoni and the other oppressed minorities of the world.
  6.                 Ledum Mitee has refused up till now to give account of the over N300m (Three Hundred million naira) received by him from various International Organizations, who in sympathy to the plight of Ogoni donated the money through MOSOP.
  7.                 What leader would Ogoni have who would arrogantly and proudly refuse to render any accounts whatsoever of his stewardship to his people, but would rather consider it too necessary for a re-election into the same office. 
  8.                 Ledum Mitee’s non transparent, uncountable and deceptive style of leadership of Ogoni has led the world to turn its back on Ogoni, hence, the hardship the people are in today.
  9.                 Ogoni can no longer tolerate any form of perpetual slavery in the hands of any Ogoni man or any person or group from outside. If allowed, it would be too shameful.
  10.             Ledun Mitee has deliberately refused to accord any consideration to the need for unity of Ogoni. He has personally and severally worked with his cohorts against any such, times and again.
  Instances of this were seen during the so-called Gbarakoro Committee of 1999;  Another one was that convened by the Council of Ogoni Ministers under the leadership of Rev. Nwisa; The Conference held for the unity of MOSOP in Accra Ghana in 2002, he refused to attend, neither did he allow any of his apologists and cohorts to attend, despite several repeated invitations by the foreign organisers.
  11.             Ledum Mitee betrayed Ken Saro Wiwa and the other Ogoni 8.
  12.             Ledum Mitee has worked so hard to de-tooth MOSOP and pacify the Ogoni struggle, as he promised Abacha to be the one condition for his release.
  13.             Ledum Mitee single handedly selected his so-called electoral body for his further self- imposition on the Ogoni people contrary to the constitution of MOSOP.
  14.             It has been noted that Ledum Mitee bears a Shell’s credit card for free flights to any part of the world
  15.             The 1999 Shell End-Of-Year report reflected Ledum Mitee as haven attended all their meetings and that all his contributions were kept confidential.
  16.             Ledum Mitee did not take part in the Burial of Ken Saro Wiwa, his master. Why the dodge?
  17.             Ledum Mitee protested and sent back the 1st Group of Pathologists who were to Exhume the bones of late Ken Saro Wiwa and the rest of the Ogoni 9.
  18.             On Monday 9th September, 1995. Barrister E.C. Ukala of 42 Aggrey road Port Harcourt said that Ledum Mitee had agreed by signing with Shell and Government that the monstrous company (Shell) would continue to operate in Ogoni, which was also one of the very key conditions on which he was to be released.
  19.             In 1999, Ledum Mitee signed for the Repatriation of Ogoni Refugees in Benin Republic, thereby frustrating and depriving thousands of Ogonis the opportunity of being resettled.
  20.             Enough should be Enough of deception and unaccountability of Barrister Ledum Mitee whose antecedence and excesses  have stagnated Ogoni these years.
  Any form of adoption therefore of Ledum Mitee as MOSOP President in this our new dispensation is an imposition made in bad fate against the peace loving people of Ogoni and particularly, our children. One wonders if there are no thinkers any more in Ogoni who could render good counsels to salvage a misdirected and misled people. Ledum Mitee upon Ogoni is a clear indication of the proverbial testimony of a blind man leading the blind.  CAN WE SAY THEREFORE THAT OGONI IS BLIND?  The Answer definitely is NO!  THINK AND ACT WISELY.

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