[Fsa-guatemala] Organizing Meeting Jan 9 5pm EST

Mallory Knodel mallory at mayfirst.org
Mon Jan 5 16:16:47 EST 2009

If you didn't know, we're attempting a 5-city workshop for the 2009  
World Social Forum! We are having a very important organizing meeting  
for the World Social Forum events on January 29th, not far away!  
Because of the major success of our event in October, we're hoping  
that you'll join us in organizing this event, too.

Please join us either online or in Sunset Park, Brooklyn at 5:00 pm  
EST on Friday January 9th, 2009.

Here is information about our public chat to facilitate our moment of  
connection during an organizational meeting on Friday 9, 2009 at 5:00  

Here is the link:

Rough agenda, please add to it:
  - Confirming 5 cities for Collaborative Democracy Workshop (Sylvain,  
Julio, Carlos)
  - Collaborative Democracy Workshop software updates (translation, #  
of rooms, chat/video)
  - Publicity
  - Outreach to WSF participants
  - Support for Mallory in Brazil (translation, laptops, publicity, etc.)
  - others?

And if you haven't seen our space, please visit:  

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