[Fsa-guatemala] WSF Belem: Jan 9 Notes

Mallory Knodel mallory at mayfirst.org
Sat Jan 10 15:50:02 EST 2009

Thank you to everyone who participated in the meeting. It was really  

The notes for our meeting are online at:

You can join this OpenFSM space by following the "Join Project"  
prompts and creating a new user account for OpenFSM. This will add you  
to our email list and also allow you to edit our space's pages.

Our next meeting is on Friday, January 16 at 6 pm EST on IRC.
Until then, we'll be discussing questions and issues primarily on the  
OpenFSM list: fsm2009e-newyork-discussion at lists.openfsm.net

I'm going to publicly ask for some follow up help aside from what's  
been outlined in the notes:

Alfredo- Can you let us know before Tuesday if Urban Academy is indeed  
our NYC host.
Josue- Will you prepare our Press Conference or Press Release plan of  
action by contacting your folks with the WSF
Daniel- Can you set up our IRC channel and give everyone the necessary  
instructions for participating next Friday
Jamie- I need help prioritizing the software fixes based on our  
conversations last night. Perhaps you can addend the notes with a  
prioritized Software Task List

Thank you to everyone! If you weren't present last night, but would  
still like to get involved, please join us next Friday or send  
questions to the list.


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