[guardian-dev] [PATCH 0/3] Some fixes for XMPP contact list creation

Adrian-Ken Rueegsegger ken at codelabs.ch
Sat Nov 20 17:23:47 EST 2010

The bug was that only contacts which belong to a group were processed so all
others simply did not show up. The first patch fixes this by adding all unfiled
entries in the user's roster to the default list.

The other two patches are some minor cleanup/refactor patches. My Java is
rather rusty since I have not used it in years so I would be glad if you could
comment on the patches and also on the style and provide some information on how
to things should be done properly. Also since this is my first submission of
patches to this project I was not sure what the prefered workflow is. Please
tell me if sending patches to the dev mailing list is not the proper way and how
it should be done properly. Thanks!


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