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Sun Nov 7 15:21:47 EST 2010

<_hc> niftyzero niftyzero1: I'm in the process of putting the OTR stuff
entirely in the app rather than in the service at all.  Do you think
that will work, or is crazy? ;)

There are a couple of reasons not to do that:

- Applications are less persistent than services.  OTR has state, and if
that state is lost when the app is temporarily killed, the other side
has to renegotiate / resend.
- You might want to negotiate / accept messages in the background, while
the app is not active.

That said, what do you see as the advantages of doing OTR on the app side?

On 01/05/2011 10:38 AM, Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
> hey there,
> So I've been wading through the git repos for both the otrchat/gibber on
> our github and the version on gitorious.  I've been finding
> that there are some intermittent bugs in the latest otrchat/gibber.  The
> current commit history makes it quite hard to track the changes since
> they were mostly done in one big initial commit, and it doesn't include
> the org.gitian or google commit history.
> I created a clone of that one which I plan on refactoring the
> otrchat/gibber commits into.  Then when we finalize a name for the app,
> we can clone it to github.  Here's that repo:
> .hc
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