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Hey Bernard,

Our slow response response does not reflect our excitement in your interest :)  Its more a reflection of that Nathan and I have little babies.  Your 3G network experience would be interesting to tap into, we've played around some with OpenBTS, mostly to understand the vulnerabilities of things like IMSI catchers and to test how various filtering could be implemented.

Sounds like working on Orbot would be a good project for you, if that's your dominant interest right now.  We are also working right now on making a complete OpenPGP app for Android based on gnupg.  We have the first ported version of gnupg running on Android, so the next steps are to start wrapping it in Java and making a good interface for all of the useful functions, following APG where it makes sense.  Right now, we need complete mocks of the whole interface, if you are interested in that.

There are so many things to work on, really I think the best thing would be to work on the stuff that you are most interested in.


On Jan 26, 2012, at 7:00 PM, Bernard Tyers wrote:

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> Hi there,
> I asked on IRC last night the best way to volunteer and introduce myself and was suggested to do it on the list so here goes:
> I'm Bernard, a mobile telecoms engineer working on 3G packet core networks (the equipment needed to route your mobile IP data) for a large hardware vendor. 
> I am a staunch supporter and advocate of privacy and your right to anonymity (or as much as we can have nowadays....) "on the Internet". I don't like interception technologies, but I understand the need for "traffic management" technology from a network administration point-of-view (they're both the same thing though, right?) 
> I'm a long time user and advocate of Tor, and now also OrWeb.
> I've recently begun a masters in human computer interaction ("user experience" / usability / interaction design) as I am interested in a possible career change in the next few years.
> As part of my learning of all things UX, I have been looking for projects I could get involved in which combine my current knowledge, and the knowledge I want to acquire.
> I found the Tor volunteer page, and was very happy to find that you guys need help in user interface and usability areas, particularly the "Build a better user interface for Orbot" (which I think is pretty bloody good so far),  "Usability testing of Tor" and others.
> I am happy to run, be involved in, assist, and carry out some testing to making Tor projects more usable, and where possible also do more "heavy technology" stuff.
> So, thats me. I'd like to hear where I can be involved.
> ta,
> Bernard
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