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Manuel Leithner MLeithner at sba-research.org
Mon Feb 13 09:32:26 EST 2012

Hi Guardian Project,

we at Secure Business Austria (http://www.sba-research.org/) are currently setting up a research grant application for a Josef Ressel Center for Mobile Secure Services together with FH Hagenberg and a few others.
In short, a Josef Ressel center is a funded cooperation of an academic institution with one or more businesses under the umbrella of a research center.
Since this is a rather large grant, we're still looking for a few more projects we might want to tackle. Of course we do have our own preferences, but since you're some of the pioneers of practical smartphone security, it would be interesting to know what you feel are research questions that will be of interest in the next year (i.e. 2013 - large grants do take months to be accepted).

The "deal", to put it in very simple terms, is that we will have the resources to do (more) research in the field of mobile security and need input on what's needed in the semi-long term. Since we're academic researchers, all of our work will be published in peer-reviewed journals and conferences and is therefore (as far as we're concerned) free to be used and implemented.

To give you a short idea of what's our daily bread and butter, please see http://www.sba-research.org/research/publications/. "View all publications" will give you a rather large list, if you're interested in what each of us does simply select "Team" and pick a name.

Please note that our time to finish the application is rather limited, so it would be great to get input from some of you until the end of the week. I can also pop on IRC if you'd prefer to discuss things there.

Thanks in advance!


Manuel Leithner
Snarky IT Security Guy @ SBA Research gGmbH

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