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Manuel Leithner MLeithner at sba-research.org
Tue Feb 14 09:16:45 EST 2012

Hi Nathan, and thanks for your response!

Also, sorry for top-posting, OWA is being annoying.

Since Hagenberg are already tackling hard- and middleware (i.e. Dalvik and below), we'd like to focus on anything up from there (libraries and actual applications, on Dalvik or native). That could include work related to things like PIR for mobile applications, privacy enhancing technologies for mobile payment or location assisted services or any other interesting security issues/questions regarding smartphone apps/services.

Looking forward to your (Nathan's and guardian-dev's) input!


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On 02/13/2012 09:32 AM, Manuel Leithner wrote:
> Since this is a rather large grant, we're still looking for a few more projects we might want to tackle.
>Of course we do have our own preferences, but since you're some of the pioneers of practical smartphone security,

Appreciate that recognition, and your interest in our input.

> it would be interesting to know what you feel are research questions that will be of interest in the next year (i.e. 2013 - large grants do take months to be accepted).

Can you give some guidance as to what level in the smartphone stack you
are most interested in tackling?

Most of what we concern ourselves with is the porting and implementation
of existing security and privacy standards and tools onto mobile
platforms, and specifically, how it is different than say just porting
between Linux and Windows. In addition, we then focus on how to bring
usability and simplicity into the mix, without providing a false sense
of security.

> Since we're academic researchers, all of our work will be published in peer-reviewed journals and conferences and is therefore (as far as we're concerned) free to be used and implemented.

With the association we have with the Tor Project, we have come to
greatly appreciate the value of academic research in powering practical

> Please note that our time to finish the application is rather limited, so it would be great to get input from some of you until the end of the week.

Some of us will be co-working together tomorrow, so we'll take a few
minutes to discuss this, and get back to you.

/** I also invite anyone else on the guardian-dev list to share you
thoughts on this thread! **/

> I can also pop on IRC if you'd prefer to discuss things there.

You can find us on freenode or OFTC at #guardianproject.


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