[guardian-dev] Lil' Debi criticism

Nathan of Guardian nathan at guardianproject.info
Fri Feb 24 10:57:53 EST 2012

On 02/24/2012 05:39 AM, Paul Sokolovsky wrote:
> Sorry if I didn't make it clear, but that was my post. So, please don't
> extend anything to the whole project ;-).

Okay, but we should reply there, right? If we want LilDebi included in

>> > However, rhetoric like "do they consider their users worthy" and "if
>> > they really cared..." is just over the top.
> Yup, I love that Free Speech thing ;-). Don't take it personally and
> glad if it would help anyway. 

We love Free Speech, as well, and of course Free Beer/Pizza/Burritos,
when it makes sense. I just wish people would give the benefit of the
doubt more in these types of cases... I mean, look we took them time and
energy to do something really nuts, try to get Debian running on Android
via a simple one-click process, so I think you can assume from that, we
care about free software fundamentally.

>Because well, it's just the common
> situation with Android software - those binary blobs of unknown origin,
> just a step away from worms and sensitive-info stealing malware.
> Concerned partied should fight back.

I agree. It is good of you to fight back. Just figure out who the true
enemies are versus friends who didn't write a good README or took a


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