[guardian-dev] InputStreams across Services

Abel Luck abel at guardianproject.info
Wed Dec 4 13:36:05 EST 2013

Hi Mark,

We're collaborating with Dominik on an OpenPGP Crypto Provider API, which is a generic PGP
AIDL interface that a provider app will implement in a remote background service.

Our question is: how should we pass InputStreams across the service interface?

See the short example outlined here [0],  and the "Open Questions" section below it.

Our main questions have to to with the "ParcelFileDescriptor". I assumed it was some sort
of magic Input/OuputStream wrapper for fds, byte[], etc. But I don't think that's the case.

Also, importantly, I'm not sure we can pass ParcelFileDescriptor in a service method.

I saw your ContentProvider/Pipe example, but how would you use that across an AIDL Service?

Thanks for your time!


[0]: https://dev.guardianproject.info/projects/gpgandroid/wiki/API_Sketch#AIDL-API

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