[guardian-dev] Gibberbot

Matej Kovacic matej.kovacic at owca.info
Mon Feb 4 11:37:37 EST 2013


I came accross Gibberbot and I have some questions. I am not a
programmer, but I would like to help anyway with localisation nad
testing. So...

I would like to do some localisation (to slovenian language). How can I
do that? I have found Transifex, where are some XML files, but I don't
know can I simply edit them, where to send them when they are done or
are there some translation tools like POEdit (I was working on several
Linux localisation projects).

Another question is related to a Gibberbot bug/issue #183. The problem
persist on my mobile phone too, but it seems problem is resolved in
upcoming v11 release. The question is: when v11 will be released? There
are couple of users around me experiencing this problem, and we are
hoping new version will be released soon... :-)

BTW: I was unable to find any nightly builds.

There is another two big usability issues I have found... The first one
is the fact that is it not possible to set custom nickname for a contact
(an option to rename contact to a custom nickname - I described it here:

And another is a lack of option to set OTR settings per contact. So not
just to have a general OTR settings (forced, attempt, never), but option
to set different OTR policy for each contact.

Anyway, Gibberbot looks great, keep doing good work!



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