[guardian-dev] Gibberbot

Matej Kovacic matej.kovacic at owca.info
Mon Feb 4 18:39:51 EST 2013


> You need to sign up for a Transifex account. From there, you can access
> a web-based form for adding and updating localisations. You should be
> able to add new locales yourself, but if not, let me know, and I can get
> it setup.
I created account (MatejKovacic) but when I go to a Gibberbot project
and try to request new language, it offers me to request new team. By
doing so, I got error "This project does not maintain its own
translation teams".

I prefer offline tools for translation. However, if they are not
available, I will use online tool.

> Thanks for filing the ticket. We will consider this for a future
> release. Is there a specific reason you need this, other than it being
> just a nice thing to do? Do people often rename their contacts?
Well, problem is I am a member of organization which now tries to use
encrypted communications. For some reasons we use Google Talk accounts,
but some people do not use accounts with their real names, but rather
with some strange nicknames. So in my contacts I have people like
fdgdf123 at gmail.com. It would be much better if I would be able to set a
custom nickname instead, for instance "John Doe Jr."

However, this setting would be only my local seting (not transferred
anywhere outside my phone). It would be similar feature like Pidgin
(www.pidgn.im) has.

>> And another is a lack of option to set OTR settings per contact. So not
>> just to have a general OTR settings (forced, attempt, never), but option
>> to set different OTR policy for each contact.
> Hmm, interesting. I can see how that could be useful.
Yes. The problem is, that some people use Android and are "OTR-capable",
so I would like to enforce encryption with them. But other use
BlackBerry, where there is no OTR capable software yet. So I cannot
force them to use encryption...

BTW, there is also some interesting project which could be included in
Guardian Project. It is called Gentian, and is used for encryption of
SMS'es. It is different approach like encrypted instant messaging - if
you do not have network connectivity, SMS's are delayed and delivered
later. And SMS'es are working on 2G network too, which is important in
Third World countries.

App is here:

And here is source code:

Just an idea. :-)



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