[guardian-dev] Fwd: Important Upgrade - UFED 1850 - Extraction from iOS 6.1 and Android Devices

Cooper Quintin cooper at radicaldesigns.org
Tue Feb 5 20:04:11 EST 2013

This is definitely true and I apologize for my false dichotomy of good/evil.

That being said, I still don't like cellbrite very much.

Cooper Quintin
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On 02/05/2013 04:53 PM, Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
> Like encryption and anonymity tools, forensic extraction like this is a tool,
> and not inherently good or evil.  I've used forensic extraction tools as part
> of a court ordered evidence discovery that provided the core evidence for
> hundreds of low income workers to get months and years of back pay they were
> owed.  If the court had granted us access to their mobile phones, I would have
> been very happy to use a UFED.
> The problem really is that the UFED is being widely abused, and that is where
> we should be focusing our ire.  If all of these privacy and anonymity tools
> end up being used 95% of the time by child pornographers and organized crime
> syndicates, then we will have done a great evil.

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