[guardian-dev] Adding IOCipher to Orweb

Nathan of Guardian nathan at guardianproject.info
Fri Feb 8 06:09:19 EST 2013

I have decided that my IOCipher project will be to add secure download (via OnionKit) and storage (via iocipher) of binary/non-html data to the Orweb browser.

People have been asking for download capability in Orweb for a longtime, but there was no way to do it before in a manner that I felt was safe and wise. With OnionKit we can now easily handle the download bit over Tor, and with IOCipher we have a place to store them in a private, secure manner.

At some point though, you will want to open the file from the Orweb secure download storage, and view it in another app. I am not quite sure how to handle that yet, other than building in custom viewers directly into Orweb.

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