[guardian-dev] Let's make rooting phones a crime

Mark Belinsky mark at guardianproject.info
Wed Feb 20 16:49:40 EST 2013

Oh wait, it already is! Thanks to new DMCA regulations.

If we get 100,000 petitions on the White House petition site, Obama has to
make a statement about this issue. The good news is that *there are already
88,457 signatures*! The bad news is that *there are only a few days left *to
reach the goal.

YOU can take a stand against making rooting phones a crime. Register and
sign the petition here - http://wh.gov/yA9n. I mean, you want to be more
like *Vint Cerf* and *JP Barlow*, right? Well they're on
For more details, check out this article in the

At Guardian Project we seek to ensure that everyone is as secure and
private as they want to be when using their phones. Attempts at installing
cops in our phones are a disservice to human rights the world over. Thanks
for listening and doing your part.

In solidarity,


P.S. You're at the bottom and haven't signed yet? Click here to get to
100,000 <http://wh.gov/yA9n>!

@mbelinsky <https://twitter.com/mbelinsky> | guardianproject.info | phone:
+1-347-466-9327 | ostel: 1003 **| pgp:
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