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Abel Luck abel at guardianproject.info
Sun Feb 24 14:47:08 EST 2013

Nathan of Guardian:
> Anyone have experience with YubiKey NFC or with the issues described below?
Nope :( I've been itching to get my hands on a Yubikey NEO forever now..

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> I have read your article about using the standard yubikey's long set password capability to logon to sites.
> I know Lastpass  now supports the Yubikey Neo using NFC with Nexus 10 etc.
> I know that Nexus doesn't mount devices connected to its USB port with OTG connector without an app. doing that. I installed an app called Yubikey for Android. I was not able to get it to send either a OTP or a long fixed one.
> I think it might do so however, just I can,t figure out how.
> When I try to log on to Lastpass, with the Yubikey connected to my Nexus via OTG adapter, I cannot make the virtual keyboard visible. Itis surpressed by the Yubikey for Android app somehow. When I press a 'button' on that app it does send something.
> Can you take a look at the Yubikey forAndroid app and see if it can actually be used with Lastpass for the Secondary log on?  
> I think that it would be a great follow on to your original article. 
> I agree that everyone should use better passwords to log on to their tablets & smartphones. I agree that the Yubikey is a good contender to do that.
> OBW-- I prefer not to Root my Nexus. I think there might be other ways to use the Yubikey on rooted Nexus using and app that mounts the Ubikey.
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