[guardian-dev] Gibberbot feedback

Nathan of Guardian nathan at guardianproject.info
Thu Jan 3 12:27:28 EST 2013

On 01/03/2013 10:51 PM, Kevin Steen wrote:
> I've been playing with Gibberbot (v0.0.10-RC6) over the last few days,
> trying to convince my friends to use it, and I wanted to give some
> feedback on some of the usability problems I experienced.

Thanks for the detailed feedback! We are embarking on our v11 release,
so the timing is good for tuning of usability issues such as these.

If you want to directly file any bug or feature reports, feel free to do
so through https://dev.guardianproject.info/projects/gibberbot under the
"New Issue" tab. You can post them anonymously or register/login first.

As for sending photos and other multimedia content within a chat, this
is something we are working on, though we want to make sure it is as
secure as the OTR encrypted communications themselves. There are a
variety of approaches, and we are assessing them all.

Hope to hear more!


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