[guardian-dev] Gibberbot feedback

Adam Zimmerman adam at digitalpirate.ca
Thu Jan 3 13:57:04 EST 2013

On 13-01-03 09:06 AM, Kevin Steen wrote:
> 1. For anyone using OTR, I think there needs to be a warning to use a
> unique account.
> I found that using the same account as I was using with my desktop
> client meant that incoming encrypted messages would frequently not
> appear. Technically this is probably due to the server delivering
> incoming messages to the most recently used Resource, and that Resource
> discarding the OTR message which was encrypted for a different key.
> However, for novice users the disappearance of messages and frequent
> need to reset the encryption will probably make them think the
> technology is rubbish. So far, my understanding of the XMPP specs makes
> me think there isn't much Gibberbot can do to fix this problem, but I
> hope I'm wrong.

I believe that this is fixed in version 3 of the OTR protocol, which was 
released earlier this year. The latest libotr supports it, but I'm not 
sure how up-to-date otr4j is.


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