[guardian-dev] OTR4j and OTRv3

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Wed Jan 9 18:51:20 EST 2013

On 13-01-09 03:33 PM, Abel Luck wrote:
> Hey guys,
> What's the status of the OTRv3 implementation in OTR4j?
> The two main improvements are two improvements we totally need!
> 1. When logged in from multiple spots (e.g., laptop and gibberbot), they
> no longer fight for control of the OTR session

We need to implement this.  It allows multiple OTR connections to each
of the peer's presences.  It has an impact on UI.  We should either:

  * Add a UI element choosing the remote presence to talk to, or:
  * Send outgoing messages to all presences

I personally think the first choice will work out better, especially in
a mobile environment.  I'm estimating 20-40 hours of work.

I have updated: https://dev.guardianproject.info/issues/331

> 2. TLV type 8 - arbitrary encrypted data! (for file sharing, encrypted
> voice, etc)

This is actually pretty easy to implement in otr4j.  The more
interesting part is implementing apps on top of it.  I have high hopes
for something like:


> Eleanor mentioned that OpenITP's next funding round is coming up soon
> and this would be a great candidate for a feature bounty.
> Any chance the OTR4j team would be interested in this?

I think the heavy lifting is more on the Gibberbot side, but having
someone design a clean API extension to otr4j will help.

> ~abel

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