[guardian-dev] NoteCipher pull request on guthub

Andy Nicholson andy at infiniterecursion.com.au
Sun Jan 13 16:25:27 EST 2013

On 08/01/13 09:15, Abel Luck wrote:
> Thanks for the contributions! This app has been quite neglected for 
> awhile now as we focus our energies on other projects. Just goes to 
> show that any software project, no how simple or small, needs 
> continuous love and care. As FOSS project we shouldn't have to say 
> this, but we love contributions from the community :D Looks like n8fr8 
> is managing your pull request on git. Hopefully we can get that 
> compatibility issue sorted out. If you're willing to take it further, 
> by all means! ~abel

As n8fr8 mentions on Github [1] there is the issue of the previous 
version's database, and importing the old notes.

As it stands, the "v2" code changes the package name, so its technically 
a completely different application, and as such we can't get access to 
the sqlite file inside the previous versions' data directory. The 
package name went from "info.guardianproject.notepadbot" to 
"info.guardianproject.notecipher". This also means the two apps (with 
the same icon and name) are going to live side by side with each other.

I see three options:

1/ You could export the sqlite database to a /sdcard location inside the 
old version, and import this inside the "v2" application.
This requires publishing one more version of the old version of 
NoteCipher to add the "export db" option.
This process isnt automatic either - the "v2" application will require 
the user to manually open up the old version of NoteCipher and export 
the db to the sdcard.

however, it works, and I have most of the code finished as a proof of 

2/ You could possibly use the "android:sharedUserId" [2] which allows 
apps to read/write each others data directories (apparently)
This would at least require one more version of the old version to be 
published presumably, so it gets knowledge of the new user id its 
process runs under. Its probably the user would need to run it at least 
once so its database file gets chown'd to the new userid.

3/ You could revert back to the old version's package name , so you can 
open the old database file directly and do the import automatically.

Any other thoughts on how to move forward? Was it always the intention 
to create a separate, new app for the next version?

[1] https://github.com/guardianproject/notepadbot/pull/10


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