[guardian-dev] ChatSecure v13 Beta problems

Matej Kovacic matej.kovacic at owca.info
Mon Nov 11 08:51:40 EST 2013


I have installed ChatSecure v13 Beta and created two accounts on
jabber.ccc.de (for example user1 and user2).

Then I log in to both accounts, go to the first one and try to add contact.

I tap on the screen, write user2 at jabber.ccc.de and send an invite.

Unfortunately, nothing happens. User2 in a contact list seems to be
offline and I cannot sent him a message.

Any idea?

BTW, I was experimenting a little with BlackBerry Messenger. I know it
is terrible, speaking of security, but has some really nice features and
is very intuitive. One of them is, that each message you sent has status
"not delivered" (grey checkmark), "delivered" (blue D) and "read" (green R).

Of course, in opensource software someone could easily change his
version to not show message was read... but in many "normal" situations
(you chat securely mostly with people you trust to), that is very useful
option. I know there has been a discussion about that a few time ago,
just want to stress this seems one of very good features of BBM (also
several users I have talked to stressed this).



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