[guardian-dev] [liberationtech] Changing MAC addresses on mobile devices

Matej Kovacic matej.kovacic at owca.info
Tue Nov 12 16:30:51 EST 2013


> (my tablet doesn't have an IMEI, for instance). IMEI numbers are
> officially being used as personal identifiers. MAC addresses are not.
> Changing a Wifi MAC usually has no billing implications. You would want
> to change your Wifi MAC address, not to prevent cost, but to gain
> (better) privacy.
Not really true. In Ljubljana, Slovenia, we have city-wide wifi network,
called Wi-Free. It is free for a two hours per day, for more you have to

So if you change your MAC address in less than two hours, you can have
free access for the whole day. :-))

I have seen some other networks doing "authentication" on a MAC address...



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