[guardian-dev] ChatSecure v13 beta 3 (13.0.3)

Nathan of Guardian nathan at guardianproject.info
Mon Nov 18 12:25:22 EST 2013

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ChatSecure v13.0.3 (v13 Beta 3) is now on Google Play, and here:
(and our F-Droid repo shortly)

New in Version 13.0.3 (v13 BETA 3):
+ NEW: Compact list view without avatars
+ NEW: Per message delivery and encryption indicators
+ NEW: Improved message presence status
+ FIXED: Galaxy "KNOX" security-related crashes
+ BETA: Photo, Audio & file transfers using full end-to-end encryption

This release also works with our Voice Messaging beta plugin,
available here:

4b333c8 updated build
9bc2fd4 quick fix for null mCacheWord onDestroy
79b47f1 Merge pull request #355 from n8fr8/v13_multiple_fixes
54d93c7 make sure ImUrl activity can handle a URI that we can't decode
2ef7006 moved finish() back to proper place for launching lock screen
45b1f02 added comment about why signInHelper might be null
6e5fc6e add support for different MediaStore media type columns
e02b8bc improvements for foreground compat display (stop/start on conn
80af14a small fixes for reported crashing on "exit"
447b616 added back in option to disable foreground service some users
really hate persistent notifications
0c57cd2 fixes #2391 where signinHelper might not be init'd yet
aabeaa7 fixes #2460 NPE on cursor from media lookup
e7e2b6a Merge branch 'otr6' of
https://github.com/devrandom/ChatSecureAndroid into devrandom-otr6
cba5977 Merge branch 'fixes' of
https://github.com/devrandom/ChatSecureAndroid into devrandom-fixes
2757787 Comment about null pointer check for future review
2e96ea0 Init actionbar navigation
2a105a9 delay resolving intent until chats retrieved
edbd75d Fix content resolver not accessible during background task
0f003df fixes #2376 hot fix for simple NPE issue
6053fa6 updating to 13.0.2 v13 Beta 2
1fa762a Merge pull request #348 from n8fr8/design_tweaks
a2d5931 small menu modification
996f76f update icon in manifest
6ebb36a improvements on message state and chat title rendering added
new "exit" button and improved logic for that
e70c190 new logic for message rendering, tab strip rendering
d0db5ad updated design resources, backgrounds, icons

40960c7 version update
88caef8 Merge pull request #347 from devrandom/bug_chatopen
ae83517 jump to right chat screen from notification
5d90d64 Jump to new chat
27462c7 Merge pull request #344 from n8fr8/feature_audio_messaging
54a5a7e final color tweaks
035d8e8 better intent setup for audio recording option
3d61388 tune message timestamp intervals
fbaae04 updated message view rendering
5c95805 updates colors, icons and message layout for better legibility
481d6e3 Merge pull request #345 from n8fr8/account-list-tuning
fd7e9e2 removed check for size that will never happen
0dab38c set mAccountList data to null before async fetch to ensure not
1543863 removed redundant disconnect call for cacheword
78a4442 Merge branch 'bug_swipe' of
https://github.com/devrandom/ChatSecureAndroid into devrandom-bug_swipe
4e59ecb make sure we have items in list before we set them
610e929 checking for dead/bad remote connections, and if so, refresh
003de3a make sure we show a "signing out..." state it can take a
while, and before we were incorrectly showing "online"
911b30b there was some unnecessary cursor code on signout here
049b132 only set the list adapter when activity is created, not on
each attach
cfee7bb use this cursor, even though it doesn't have all the data yet
92a90f9 make sure we disconnected cacheword when welcomeactivity is
f32555e Update contact filtering
2651a37 Put back the account list empty view
5b89f39 Switch account lists to CursorLoader
0aedc01 AccountAdapter refactored
b7a9f9f Merge branch 'upstream' into cursor
58bbe1f Synchronize broadcasting from the contact list manager
60e1658 Refactor ProviderListItem using AsyncTask
f6648ae Revert synchronization of methods which cause blocking of UI
df8dfe6 Refactor ChatPagerAdapter with CursorLoader
57d0621 Refactor ContactListFilterView with CursorLoader
9226410 Merge pull request #343 from eighthave/master
d7a094e ant: get APK name from app_name in res/values/strings.xml
77b7956 Merge pull request #340 from n8fr8/feature_audio_messaging
d16579e move network broadcastreceiver from :remote to main process
c7589fe remove white backgrounds from icons.. it looks bad
ba83367 launch audio record intent, handle response, and playback also
allow "accept all this chat" feature for file transfer
f8b4f83 message layout cleanup, new audio icon, and new strings
762356a Merge pull request #333 from devrandom/notls
63bb5c0 Merge pull request #339 from devrandom/bug_conn_npe
12fd145 Merge pull request #336 from devrandom/otr
a7f79b1 Prevent race condition when removing connection
51d7533 Ensure that connection list is in sync in ImApp and
89cc0a5 otr: fix whitespace tag parsing
bb8ac6c Ignore OTRv1 whitespace tag instead of throwing exception
6042403 updating cacheword
1f614d2 Merge pull request #331 from n8fr8/feature_menu_tuning
69c7851 only update action bar if you are selected page
d65f8db add string for encrypted mode edit box hint
f5d3e4c fixes for OTR state handling on finished, and ensuring warning
bad1596 updated the string a bit for OTR FINISHED
81eaa9d we only need one chatview now (not using toggle widget now)
d49fa66 clean ups for handling account spinner state based on intents
e51e5fb when you close a chat, end OTR first, and refresh actionbar state
42426ab one more - show disconnect warningview message
015606a clean-up warning view; make sure list re-inits on grid switch
2d19e31 clears progress on page change; fixes account drop-down; -
spinning indicator will clear if you swipe to a different page - a
697d7cf new resources for actionbar
4e604c9 handle dynamic changes of actionbar menu items
2be4a89 display the presence status text if no custom one is set
7ba0c23 change actionbar menus for proper encryption state
72de100 update menu item groups for dynamic changes
1324859 allow background image to set on the lockscreen
ee640ee fixes account/provider status on AccountList screen
4f9acec move functions to actionbar whenever possible
c37e926 not used anymore
8e9d5d2 support text/list mode again
2731a00 improve flexibility for display in actionbar
9d6b89e ensure broadcast is not called more than once at a time this
can cause a crash
9b543de support per message delivery and encryption icons
b208058 updates resources and layouts for UI improvements
29ef0d2 move file sharing, profile, end chat to actionbar menu fix
emoji selector to have titles for each area
fad0a4c solid color background now; removing crazy colors for now
791bdcf clean up of drawables for better menus, cleaner look
10af696 Merge branch 'pageradapter' of
https://github.com/devrandom/Gibberbot into devrandom-pageradapter
5429e17 missed import
ce1472b Fix PRNGFixes to work with SELinux enforce mode
ad11ab6 forgot to actually set the SSL context
6dc6899 fix bug that forced SSL when TLS is optional
bf83dbc More DynamicPagerAdapter fixes
f2fd6f1 updating version
cfd442b hotfix - updating pinned certificate list and code for pinning

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