[guardian-dev] ChatSecure v13 beta 3 (13.0.3)

Matej Kovacic matej.kovacic at owca.info
Mon Nov 18 16:58:04 EST 2013

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> ChatSecure v13.0.3 (v13 Beta 3) is now on Google Play, and here:
I tested it and it works really nice. Also through Tor, including
voice messages.

However, I am missing /have noticed three things.

First of all, I noticed that some invitations didn't went through. I
noticed it when using Tor connection.

It would be nice to have an option to resend invitation.

Another thing is that when someone send you a voice message or file,
file is dowloaded, but you can not see it as an item on a message
board. It would be nice to design an application in such a way, for

Partner: [Received invitation from Partner]

Me: [Invitation accepted]

Me: Hi, this is a text message!

Partner: Please send me a file.

Me: [File SOMEFILE.txt sent to Partner.]

Me: Now you please...

Partner: [File secret.pdf received from Partner] (and you will be able
to click to a file and view it)

Me: Can we try voice messages?

Partner: [Voice message 2013-18-10-22-50-Partner.3gpp from Partner
received] (user is able to click on a file any time later and listen
to it, file should have timestamp and sender in a filename)

Me: [Voice message 2013-18-10-22-53-Me.3gpp sent to Partner] (user is
able to click on a file any time later and listen to it)

And the third thing is that voice messages are stored on internal
phone memory in unencrypted way. I think voice messages should be
stored in ChatSecure's encrypted database, and deleted after
conversation is finished.

However, maybe there should be an option to export text and voice

Anyway, great work.


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