[guardian-dev] Orbot v13.0.6 Beta 3 TESTING PLEASE!

Nathan of Guardian nathan at guardianproject.info
Mon Apr 7 23:53:10 EDT 2014

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On 04/04/2014 11:11 AM, Nathan of Guardian wrote:
> Orbot's been updated, hopefully solving some of the most annoying 
> issues around random disconnects of the UI to the background
> service, problems with binary installation, and a bit of an updated
> look and feel.

Here's an Orbot v13.0.6-BETA-3 update for IMMEDIATE testing and
feedback please:

APK: https://guardianproject.info/releases/Orbot-v13.0.6-BETA-3.apk
gpg sig:

This includes a fix for transproxy leaking due to a Linux kernel bug
found by Mike Perry for Tor. In addition, while I am not sure how the
recent OpenSSL bug affects client apps, it seemed smart to upgrade to
1.0.1g regardless. In addition, I've reworked all of the shell/root
code and binary installs to be a bit more clean, and solve some binary
permission enabling issues that were occurring.

THANKS to Dominik Schürmann for your excellent RootCommands/SuperUser

CHANGELOG for v13.0.6-BETA-3

917ea6e fix for mikeperry transproxy leak bug find
fc0554f fix for binary version upgrade support
4ed6ea1 updated pre-built binaries
7229c52 updated to openssl 1.0.1g
6bce7d5 fix ant build script and target
e5b70ba improve shell command, root and permissions handling
b734c6c add new library for superuser/shell commands
dda5633 updated to 13.0.6-BETA-1
298f73c update Tor version code
75d3ecb update language wizard display to be more clear
fe44c29 add binaries (for non NDK developers)
05bf5b7 add/update translations from transifex
344e914 add transifex tx config
8140b32 a little bit of cleanup of new binary installs
a309cec update changelog for 13.0.6
e25dc08 fixes the menus for appcompat library
cc8d3e1 update to return to binaries as ZIPd res/raw stop using the
libs/armeabi hack method
b59bd1a remove binary apps/libs
445f63f updates ant build for new actionbarcompat
765a3bf updated graphic
8c20759 removed ABS depdency in favor of AppCompat
d0d7880 Signed-off-by: Nathan Freitas <nathan at freitas.net>
75a0d34 Signed-off-by: Nathan Freitas <nathan at freitas.net>
e5fdf28 updated binaries from new build script
57ef1c3 Fix building of openssl on newer systems
b5a043a updated Makefile to not build libevent TESTS
dab37b5 setting to 4.6 for compat
1a346cf updated makefile
02c389c updated obfsclient external
06b46f1 updated to only build tor binary and not tests, etc
d311f71 13.0.6 minor UI updates, Tor version update
a24eacd add hi-res icon for the web
f322f6b add new graphics and icons
806fe40 update external commit tags
27d5945 remove redundant iptables rules for transproxy
4e1357b add new background graphics state change to main UI
714af31 updated icon and main graphics
dc58c40 updated binaries built from "make -C external"
ce5ef95 updating change log
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