[guardian-dev] Manage Orbot from external app: Tor admin?

Cédric Jeanneret guardian at ethack.org
Mon Aug 11 03:01:39 EDT 2014


Currently working on orwall[1], a user submitted an interesting issue[2].

First, I thought "I'll need some lib [netCipher?] to be able to manage
Tor via some Orbot Intent", but now I'm just realizing there's the Tor
Admin port we may use as well…


° I didn't see any password regarding Tor Admin Port — is that correct?
As it's a local port, does it mean any app knowing how to talk "Tor" may
connect and send commands in order to configure stuff?

° Is it a good idea to send management/configuration commands through
this port from an external app?

° more related to the issue itself: is it possible to set up multiple
DNSproxy and TransProxy in tor (seems it is the case)? Will the circuits
be different for each opened port? If not, any reason?

° Regarding Admin password: if no password is set, it may be a security
issue. If there's a password, is it hard-coded somewhere? If so, it
would be better to allow the user to set it in Orbot settings I think.
This would allow him to set it in orwall in case he wants the app to
manage some dedicated streams.

Thanks in advance for your valuable feedback/ideas/remarks/answers!



[1] https://github.com/EthACKdotOrg/orWall
[2] https://github.com/EthACKdotOrg/orWall/issues/20

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