[guardian-dev] Orfox: New Firefox-based Android Private/Secure Browser

Jonas Smedegaard dr at jones.dk
Wed Aug 20 19:55:52 EDT 2014

Quoting Nathan of Guardian (2014-08-20 18:49:33)
> Based on work done this summer by Amogh Pradeep during his Google 
> Summer of Code stint with me, we now have a real working version of 
> Firefox/Fennec for Android with all the necessary defaults changed to 
> match Tor Browser's defaults as closely as possible. We also remove 
> the Android permissions for things like camera, mic, GPS and turn off 
> webrtc.


> The current build successfully passes the DNSLeakTest.com tests and 
> passed the HTML5 video leak issue here: 
> http://xordern.net/why-you-really-shouldn't-use-orweb-anymore.html 
> ip-check.info still doesn't see the browser as being Tor Browser, so 
> there are some differences yet to resolve there.

Does it work on phones lacking 3d rendering?  I.e. Replicant?

Fennec on F-droid does not.

 - Jonas

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