[guardian-dev] Orfox: New Firefox-based Android Private/Secure Browser

Jonas Smedegaard dr at jones.dk
Wed Aug 20 22:21:16 EDT 2014

Quoting Nathan of Guardian (2014-08-21 03:08:59)
> On 08/20/2014 07:55 PM, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
>> Does it work on phones lacking 3d rendering?  I.e. Replicant?
> 3d rendering? Hmm, not sure. What kind of phone would that be? The 
> build does state support for Android SDK 8 (2.1?).

Sorry for being vague.  What doesn't work on Replicant is GLES: 

My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S3, and my girlfriend use Samsung Galaxy S2 
- but really I believe that does not really matter much: the issue seems 
to be with all Replicant phones.

I guess some of the target audience for this browser (not just me) might 
have an interest in using it with Replicant.

I'd be more than happy to test, but lack the coding skills to help fix 
the issue.

 - Jonas

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