[guardian-dev] simplifying cacheword deployment

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at guardianproject.info
Wed Aug 27 15:00:32 EDT 2014

In the interest of simplifying cacheword deployment, I'm proposing to ship the
core functionality as a plain jar file, then have a "helpers" library project
that people could use as a library project, or just copy the classes and
modify them as they see fit.

This means that cacheword.jar will only then depend on android-support-v4-jar
(eliminating sqlcipher.jar, iocipher.jar, commons-codec.jar, and spongycastle
as dependencies).

So apps that already use cacheword will have to make the following changes:

* use the "helpers" library or copy SQLCipher* classes into project
* build and handle the lock/unlock notification
* supply the icon for the notification

How does this sound?  Any concerns with this approach?


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