[guardian-dev] Orbot on Genymotion images

Cedric Jeanneret guardian at ethack.org
Thu Aug 28 12:35:17 EDT 2014


In order to be able to test my app (orwall) on different Android
versions, I'm wanting to use Genymotion[1] pre-built images.

Convenient way, as it's integrated with Virtualbox and eclipse/intelliJ,
meaning you can just boot any android you want and test your app.

Small detail: in order to provide good perfs and to avoid some problems,
images are i686…

Apparently, orbot ships binaries for ARM, as they don't seem to start on
my image.

Any chance to get some i686-oriented orbot version?

By the way: how do YOU test your apps? Do you have a bunch of devices
with different android versions? Or using the official AVD? Or any other

Thanks in advance!



[1] http://www.genymotion.com/ — free for personal use

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