[guardian-dev] Fwd: [messaging] Release of OpenKeychain 2.8 for Android

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at guardianproject.info
Fri Aug 29 14:35:44 EDT 2014

Looks quite nice!  Just gave it a quick try.  The UX is definitely a lot
better.  A couple of little details:

* when creating a key, the "name" text field does not seem to be set to handle
names (i.e. android:inputType="textPersonName")

* the default hash algorithm shouldn't be SHA-512 since that is unnecessary
and not widely supported.  SHA-256 is a better choice for a default.  There
was a discussion on one of the gnupg lists where Werner said to stick with


Nathan of Guardian wrote:
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> Subject: 	[messaging] Release of OpenKeychain 2.8 for Android
> Date: 	Fri, 29 Aug 2014 10:48:12 -0700
> From: 	zaki at manian.org <zaki at manian.org>
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> Hi all, this should be on interest to the group.
> The OpenKeychain project has made enormous progress in the making usable
> PGP available on Android. It appears to be a great improvement over APG
> and the Guardian Project's GnuPG efforts on Android.
> Obvious caveats about the fundamental insecurity of storing PGP keys on
> Android devices apply. Maybe there will be Yubikey support sometime in
> the future.
> Summary of the 2.8 Release:
> http://www.openkeychain.org/openkeychain-2-8/
> OpenKeychain 2.8
> A new stable version of OpenKeychain has been released!
> Changelog 2.8
> So many bugs have been fixed in this release that we focus on the main
> new features
> Key edit: awesome new design, key revocation
> Key import: awesome new design, secure keyserver connections via hkps,
> keyserver resolving via DNS SRV records
> New first time screen
> New key creation screen: autocompletion of name and email based on your
> personal Android accounts
> File encryption: awesome new design, support for encrypting multiple files
> New icons to show status of key (by Brennan Novak)
> Important bug fix: Importing of large key collections from a file is now
> possible
> Notification showing cached passphrases
> Keys are connected to Android's contacts
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