[guardian-dev] Blackphone will be using Guardian Project's software

Nathan of Guardian nathan at guardianproject.info
Sat Feb 1 12:24:48 EST 2014

I think he means SQLCipher but would be happy to have apps there as well.

Otherwise I just gave them a bit of a hard time in a New Yorker article so maybe they will change their mind ;)

On February 1, 2014 6:20:53 AM EST, "Dominik Schürmann" <dominik at dominikschuermann.de> wrote:
>just read that the Blackphone will ship with apps by Guardian Project
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>> How would this be any different than what the guardian (and
>> other phone SW projects) are developing, other than shipment
>> of a phone preloaded with your flavor of Android OS?
>> (And perhaps also offering IMEI/SIM cell service?)
>> As opposed to the user flashing Android-ROM-OS into any
>> compatible phone and choosing their service. Thus, save that
>> convenience, why?
>We *are* using some of the Guardian Project's software. Also software
>that we're building for Blackphone will be available for other people
>to use on their own ROMs. And heck, you can go to Github, get the
>Silent Circle apps and put them on your own device. We're finally to
>the point that we've QA'ed people who aren't us building them and using
>them. (And if you can't, it's a bug.)
>Let me answer your question with a question.
>What's the difference between going to a restaurant as opposed to going
>to the grocery store and buying a bunch of ingredients and making the
>same meal? There are groups devoted to making food the way the Child or
>Keller might. You can't have a meal by Child because she's gone, but
>you could make a Keller meal as well as Keller's people can. Why go to
>the restaurant?
>Now to comment on that line of both our questions, we all have a set
>time in this existence and some people might like to write their own
>compilers so they can write their own software, just as some people
>grow their own food so they can make their own meals. But some people
>don't want to do that, and every single one of us trades off the things
>we want to do against things we're happy to pay other people to do. 
>> This question shouldn't imply such products aren't needed.
>No offense taken. I may be a smartass, but I like tough questions. 
>> Note some open phone HW projects are selling hardware
>> to which you apply your droid SW rom. Though we're likely
>> at least a handful of years away from seeing a genuinely
>> 'open design' baseband HW layer in a phone, they are
>> talking about approaching it.
>If/when they do, I'd love to see it. I don't have time to make an open,
>secure baseband, but want to include one. The world needs one. Maybe we
>can arrange some sort of trade.
>	Jon
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