[guardian-dev] Introducing Conceal: Efficient storage encryption for Android

Griffin Boyce griffin at cryptolab.net
Wed Feb 5 09:04:52 EST 2014

  Someone inquired as to what I meant about the OpenSSL package, so to
be lazy/informative, my response is pasted below.

  Mid last year, OpenSSL removed some patented algorithms due to patent
trolling^H^H^H "legal reasons."  These include elliptic curves / ECDSA,
IDEA, RC5, and MDC-2 [1].  Though this is apparently (?) a patch that
might (?) be optional.  If not optional, it's certainly easy to block
when installing OpenSSL from source.


[1] "hobble-openssl" patch code:

[2] *wordless rage at patent trolls*

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