[guardian-dev] detecting mobile phone location

ShootAKite at riseup.net ShootAKite at riseup.net
Tue Feb 11 15:15:16 EST 2014

Hi Marcus,
Nobody has the resources to waste bombs on every radio transmitter no
matter how out of place a transmitter may be in africa.  A radio
transmitter only offers when and where information was transmitted. 
Your problem is who, what, and how information was transmitted over the

My solution would be to increase plausible deniability to avoid a very
expensive adversarial response.  1) encrypt. 2) increase latency (see
lee's response). 3) hop at least 2 nodes outside the control of your
adversary. 4) Blend in with other phone users and DO NOT remove
batteries or do anything else unusual.  This way your adversary will be
forced to solve their problems with an AK like everyone else in Africa.


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