[guardian-dev] Blackphone "in stock"

Nathan of Guardian nathan at guardianproject.info
Mon Feb 24 12:51:15 EST 2014

On 02/24/2014 12:23 PM, Griffin Boyce wrote:
> Lee Azzarello wrote:
>> The Blackphone secure smartphone product is labeled as "in stock" for
>> a price of US$629, though the shipping carrier they partnered with
>> seems to take 4 months to deliver the product. DHL?
>   That's a neat trick -- pretend something is in stock but that the
> demand is so high that it will take four months to get one. ;P
>   My discussions with SC devs make me incredibly suspicious of
> blackphone's security, and Silent Circle doesn't have the best history
> when it comes to transparency.  Grain of salt.

That said, I am impressed by the audacity of their plan that it will
sell 10,000,000 units per year for the next 3 years.


I guess those are the kind of guts you have when you are a former Navy Seal!


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