[guardian-dev] ISP problem

Nathan of Guardian nathan at guardianproject.info
Mon Feb 24 16:17:55 EST 2014

On 01/29/2014 10:15 PM, paul M wrote:
> I have the orbot and orweb apps orbot is green and when I run check on
> browser I get the you are not using tor message and then shows my IP
> address .... I've e-mailed before explaining I have a non rooted galaxy s3
> using only wifi for service. 


Without being able to debug your specific setup, ISP, etc, here are the
options available to you:

1) Use Orweb browser. It should just work through Orbot/Tor
automatically. If it doesn't there is something wrong on your
particulary device.

2) Use Firefox with this configuration:

3) Root your device and use Orbot's transparent proxying feature.



Thanks for your interest in Orbot: Tor for Android. We know that jumping
through firewalls, breaking through filters, and avoiding unwanted
surveillance can be complicated, and we are here to help you with the
issues you are experiencing with our software.


Orbot (Tor for Android / Proxy):
Orweb (Web Browser for Orbot):


Here is a basic check-list to consider:
1) Is your internet data connection working? Can you access
https://check.torproject.org ?

2) Is your device rooted? If not, make sure to install Orbot AND Orweb
browser, too (more below)

3) Have you tried using Orbot on wifi and 3g/4g? Any difference?

4) Is your device using an ARM or Intel/ATOM processor? If it is
Intel/ATOM, Orbot will not work for now.

5) Is Orbot getting stuck at 10%, 20%, 80%? You might need to use a
special Tor Bridge address.
Learn how to get one here: https://www.torproject.org/docs/bridges or
get one here: https://bridges.torproject.org/

Looking for a basic introduction to private and anonymous browsing?
Check out our "Browse Freely" how-to:

If you having a problem downloading the app from Google Play Store, you
can find the latest software at:

You might also want the Orweb browser (which works directly with Orbot)

There are a few helpful videos on YouTube to watch:

We do our best along with the Tor team to answer questions here:

If you want to look for open bug reports and feature requests, you can
find them here:

... and if you don't find the answer you want, you can file a new ticket

We hope this helps you solve the problem you are having with Orbot. If
not, please let us know, and we will do what we can to solve your problem.

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