[guardian-dev] Orbot v13 RC1 is out

Nathan of Guardian nathan at guardianproject.info
Tue Jan 7 07:10:37 EST 2014

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Orbot v13 release candidate 1 is available for direct download:

APK: https://guardianproject.info/releases/Orbot-v13.0.0-RC1.apk
sig: https://guardianproject.info/releases/Orbot-v13.0.0-RC1.apk.asc

and later today, our F-Droid repo and Google Play.

As mentioned before, this release is built on Tor, OpenSSL
1.0.1e, and XTables v1.4.21... all the latest bling across the board.
In addition, some important fixes to the Orbot service, to ensure it
remains running in the background, and the active notification keeps
working, as well. Finally, we've changed the way the native binaries
are installed, making it more reliable and clean across devices.

This has been tested on devices ranging from an old Samsung Galaxy S
running 2.3.6 to a Galaxy Note 3 on Android 4.3 with KNOX, as well as
CM10 and some other OS variants.

We will do not have X86 or MIPS binaries built-in, but are considering
adding them, as there seem to be a huge amount of Android X86 devices
coming out of CES this year!


2735a59 update to 13.0.0; release candidate 1
096144b adding in binaries for UI/Android devs without NDK All
binaries can be built from source using Makefile in /external
f69c1aa updated jtorctrl build
0b024c9 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/eighthave/orbot
into hans_build_patches
d54cf74 bump to 13.0.0-alpha-1
276e6c3 remove old external openssl-static path
e0a7fbb check for both link and original path in process lookup
b48bbc1 updated AUTHORS for amoghbl1
e9396b7 use new bundled xtables binary appropriately
ca28ade add patches for iptables/xtables building on Android
76b15dd adding new iptables/xtables build from source
8b65332 clean up of error notifications
8722db9 put threading of settings reload into TorService
d2006b2 remove static openssl android and replace with real openssl
0e6bb42 add new openssl
c4d8c97 stop button for notification bar
c80c5d4 improvements on notification code
5891fee service should be unbound when activity is destroyed also some
other cleanup of unused code
867ff53 remove simple server source bundle
3069fb5 run Tor from link to keep compatibility with OrbotHelper class
some apps use our OrbotHelper.java class and are expecting the
17f7d46 update menu, strings, icons for ChatSecure (from Gibberbot)
198974a update to build openssl latest
468076e set to 1.0.1e release
8666b1b updating tor to
95461da adding back in jtorctrl jar file
f3cbb6e updating SDK and removing share intents
6e79596 updating to Android 18 / 4.4
420dd1e adding geoip ipv4 db back in for now
1739473 more updates for moving binaries to libs/armeabi
5870a67 update for constant
6a125a9 more removal of share service from core Orbot moving to a
separate app
a0de736 change "network conn" preference to be more clear
c58f009 remove simple jar from project (moving sharing to sep app)
5286421 remove "ShareService" from projet (moving to separate app)
a8ca927 remove simple file sharing server from build process
fbd4fdc updated to android-18
6b0b0fa more changes for executing binaries from libs/jni folder
d40016b move minimum device support to API 9 or 2.3
d6d989a updated jar for jtor control
4d6e0cc update makefile for new install process update tags for
libevent and tor
d236708 removing binaries from repo binaries will now be stored in
/libs/armeabi as psuedo shared libraries (actually executables) and
ca8197f update native build to include Android NDK build flags
2d34745 include note about git submodules in BUILD instructions
ddd62f2 remove spaces and tabs where 'make' complains about them
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