[guardian-dev] chatsecure 13.0.6 feedback / old HW

shmick at riseup.net shmick at riseup.net
Tue Jan 7 23:37:27 EST 2014

shmick at riseup.net:
> hey there,
> a little tired of scouring xmpp.net for public jabber servers that 1)
> enforced their own cipher prefs and 2) didn't support RC4_MD5 i decided
> to finally update from the latest stable gibberbot
> my HW
> old phone on 4.2.2
> chatting with person on old HW too on 2.3.7
> 1.
> we straight out upgraded from the latest stable gibberbot
> both rebooted
> first problem; its a biggie unfortunately - we both can't see text in
> any message chats ...

the only way i am able to see text in chats is to change my font size in
display prefs back to the original factory setting of normal

i have it set to small because my display res is low on small old device

it would be really good if i didn't have to do this, is there any other
way to implement this for the latest-and-greatest chatsecure ???

> we can send text ok, we can hear that fucking bril new ringtone (!) but
> alas no text in chat windows
> the *only* way a msg is known to be received is in the non-avatar
> display option, contact tab
> ie. my online contact username and below that where their status
> appears, the status is replaced by the message
> no msgs appear in any chat windows alternating from light to dark themes
> only thing i can think of for me is i have manually reduced the global
> font display size of my phone - would that make a difference ?

good guess ...

> 2.
> on my phone ive had an ongoing issue for ages (gibberbot and now chatsecure)
> there's been a chat window that just refuses to close

i ended up completely uninstalling

when i did and installed from scratch there was the prompt for a
password, or the lazy option

i did not see this option screen when upgrading from the latest stable

> i remember on gibberbot i could long press to select chats to close, and
> it never selected this 'frozen' 'dead' one
> its still there in chatsecure now and 'end chat' never removes it
> i could re-install but i want to keep my xmpp usernames to which i have
> unknown random pwds ...
> 3.
> no way to export account settings/plans to implement it ?

this would be useful

> 4.
> the voice plugin is amazing, really cool
> it works fine and that tape deck is dope
> infact i can make use of all 4 attachment options too
> where do these files go for sender/reciever and do they touch SD or
> internal phone ?
> 5.
> on 2.3.7 phone light/dark theme had problems - could not see attachment
> button at all
> temp recourse was to select pure black background which worked and
> selecting dark theme as well
> 6.
> just to double check with all chatsecure from now on, we are both
> protected against flawed pre 4.3 Android RNG and improved cipher
> strength client ordering ?
> 7.
> what's the diff btw this gibberbot-chatsecure and the
> chatsecure-chatsecure which uses the sql pwd protected db ?
> thanks again; really great app, but atm we have to use it as a
> walkie-talkie ;-)
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