[guardian-dev] Tor isolating proxy - or how to prevent "friendly fire"

Timur Mehrvarz timur.mehrvarz at riseup.net
Wed Jan 8 19:08:14 EST 2014

Thank you all for responding. It's a miracle to me why this isn't
discussed more. Specifically in the context of Android.

On 08.01.2014 23:51, Tom Ritter wrote:
> I generally do this by using iptables and a bridge IP, block all access
> to anything but the bridge.
> Just be nice and use a normal bridgedb bridge and run your own to
> contribute back.

I'm reading up on bridges / Tor relays. Would you still be so kind and
explain a bit better what you do there?

(btw: I recently read a nice article on your blog. I know, because I
remember the comment you make about my use of JS :)

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