[guardian-dev] Improving the UI/UX of ChatSecure

Natanael natanael.l at gmail.com
Thu Jan 9 11:38:32 EST 2014

On Thu, Jan 9, 2014 at 5:26 PM, Liron Tocker <liron at liron.de> wrote:
> Most popular messaging systems at this point are moving away, if they
> haven't already, from displaying presence and I'd probably see ChatSecure
> moving in the same direction. That said, it'll be _really_ tricky from an
> interaction point of view, because OTR can only be initiated when both
> parties are "online" - and both parties are _aware_ of the fact that they're
> both online and connected to the system, in order to avoid confusion or
> frustration. We'd basically be leaving the user guessing, or end up sending
> messages like "are you available?". One way to solve this is to force OTR on
> all chats by default - I'd be interested to hear if you've considered this
> in the past. I can imagine how this would simplify things a lot for the
> user, since you'd only need to set up and verify a person once (not sure if
> this is a terrible idea, security wise - this means that if one party is
> unavailable or not connected to the service, an encrypted message will be to
> be held in some kind of limbo state until the other party connects).
> I'd love to do a hangout next week, that sounds like a great idea! I'd say
> everyone's invited who wants to listen in or has something they'd like to
> contribute (within reason, of course). I haven't started doing any sketches
> yet so now is a great time for me to get feedback from you guys and drink it
> all in :)
> I'm available after 19:30 on weekdays and 10:00-20:00 on weekends (GMT +1),
> my Hangouts ID is this google account, please feel free to add me. If you
> prefer to use Jitsi, please let me know and I'll set it up (I have an Ostel
> account).
> Liron

Haven't Moxie solved this particular problem with the ratcheting approach?


It enables forward secrecy for "asymmetric communication", i.e. where
both participants isn't always online.

By the way, could it be integrated into mpOTR for group chats?

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