[guardian-dev] signal without sim ?

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Fri Jan 10 10:36:49 EST 2014

Michael Rogers:
> On 09/01/14 16:51, Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
>> This is definitely on-topic for this list!  We'd love to help you
>> dig deeper in this topic since its largely a big question mark.
>> We've had a bunch of questions about airplane mode.  To start with,
>> is it actually turning the GSM/CDMA/LTE radios off?
> Some phones are quite chatty with their radio logs - for example
> 'logcat -b radio *:V' on the Galaxy Nexus shows what appear to be
> dumps of packets exchanged with the phone network when
> enabling/disabling airplane mode, mobile data, etc. But I don't know
> enough about GSM and friends to know what I'm looking at.


i ran this with/without a sim alternating BTW aeroplane mode on/off each
few minutes and according to the android source there is 'some'
connectivity on my phone since i can apparently make emergency calls
without a sim though i haven't tried ;-)

i wonder what else 'some' could mean and it would be interesting to try
whilst moving


case SimMissing:
                // Shows "No SIM card | Emergency calls only" on devices
that are voice-capable.
                // This depends on mPlmn containing the text "Emergency
calls only" when the radio
                // has some connectivity. Otherwise, it should be null
or empty and just show
                // "No SIM card"
                carrierText =  makeCarrierStringOnEmergencyCapable(


> This doesn't of course prove that the hardware isn't doing secret
> things, but it may provide some clues about what the software *thinks*
> the hardware's doing, for someone better able to understand those
> clues than me.
> Cheers,
> Michael
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