[guardian-dev] thoughts on mobile tracking

Matej Kovacic matej.kovacic at owca.info
Tue Jan 14 17:11:50 EST 2014


> I think that with the big data point of view, it would be pretty easy
> to corrolate a few SIM cards into a single identity, so I think your
> multiple SIM card idea would provide only minimal protection.  Plus I
It is true, if we are talking about NSA. But don't forget about other
countries. Sometimes minimal protection could be enough.

> believe its a crime in many countries to change your IMEI, so you'll
> be trackable there regardless of the IMSI used.
Yes, but if you would change IMEI only from predefined pool (and you own
all phones), that will be less problematic

> The only solution I've seen for widescale wireless network coverage
> that does not track its users is certain forms of municipal wifi.
That is not completely true, because you are still connected to mobile
network. A solution would probably be to disconnect from mobile network
while you have wi-fi signal...

> The solution for network tracking in the foreseeable future is not
> technical.  It is political and social.  We need to pass laws to
Well, this is true for democratic countries only. In non-democratic
countries it is not possible to achieve that change in a foreseeable



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