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Pranesh Prakash pranesh at cis-india.org
Fri Jan 17 02:11:14 EST 2014

Nathan of Guardian <nathan at guardianproject.info> [2014-01-16 15:34:11 -0500]:
> On 01/16/2014 02:00 PM, Pranesh Prakash wrote:
> > Is there a listing of all the XEPs that Chatsecure implements?  I
> > could easily find such listings for yaxim and Xabber: 
> > http://yaxim.org/features/ http://www.xabber.org/
> You are right that we are overdue with a clean listing of these. The
> Xabber site is looking good on that front.

I particularly like the Yaxim page since a) it is not on the front page (hide the gory details from regular users), and b) it also has a rough roadmap of what further XEPs you can expect so that people who really care about these kinds of things have something to go by while evaluating whether to use one IM client or another.

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