[guardian-dev] ChatSecure for iOS has great international language support

William Gray wgray at zetetic.net
Thu Jan 23 12:57:51 EST 2014

Hi Gang,

Congrats on the new ChatSecure for iOS release today! I was looking over the list of languages supported in the interface and wondering in an off-hand way if ChatSecure for iOS has always had some level of international support from the get-go (e.g. always using NSLocalizedString()), or if Chris et al had to do a significant amount of re-working existing code to support internationalization? We get requests at Zetetic every so often for internationalization in our apps and offers to do translations for us, but it does seem like a daunting (if quite worthwhile) amount of work. Maintaining locale-specific nibs for each lang sounds like the biggest potential pain point, is that the case for ChatSecure?

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