[guardian-dev] Sharing encrypted content with other apps

Mark Murphy mmurphy at commonsware.com
Tue Jan 28 19:47:42 EST 2014

On Tue, Jan 28, 2014, at 16:37, Natanael wrote:
> Couldn't you share a file specific decryption key via the Intent with the
> app that needs to open it? But then it needs to be aware of that the file
> is encrypted and use a specific API, unless you put the key in the
> filename
> it's supposed to make a request for when opening it (I don't think that's
> a
> good idea).

Having an encryption key in the Uri would be seriously risky. Otherwise,
yes, third-party apps would need to be encryption-aware, which has all
sorts of problems (they aren't, it would require them to collect the
passphrase, etc.).

I have not tried having the request for content block while your app
scurries around to try to collect a passphrase, but Android's
architecture means that's unlikely to work well.

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