[guardian-dev] Fwd: [writeily-pro] [Feature Request] File Encryption (#87)

Nathan of Guardian nathan at guardianproject.info
Fri Apr 10 16:38:44 EDT 2015

Someone want to submit a patch? Writeily is a nice looking app!

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Subject: [writeily-pro] [Feature Request] File Encryption (#87)
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 2015 11:24:55 -0700

Since the PIN lock is really just for show, it would be neat to have
actual encrypted files. There's a great app
[NoteCipher](https://github.com/guardianproject/notecipher) by @n8fr8
which uses
[SQLCipher](https://www.zetetic.net/sqlcipher/sqlcipher-for-android/), a
library for strong encryption. Since NoteCipher is more of a demo app
(and thus not the greatest on features and usability), it would be cool
to see it implemented in Writeily which is beautifully designed.

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