[guardian-dev] Self-hosting option for StoryMaker 2

Dan Staples danstaples at opentechinstitute.org
Tue Apr 21 13:42:27 EDT 2015

I had a brief chat on IRC with vitriolix a couple weeks ago about the possibility of adding publishing options to StoryMaker 2 for non-internet-connected networks. My use case is community-run wireless networks providing application servers and that may or may not have internet access. It would be great to have a self-hosting option for communities that want to publish their StoryMaker-created content on their local network, without having to rely on internet cloud services.

Right now all the export options are cloud services, aside from a private server via SSH. The problem with SSH though is that you would have to provision user accounts ahead of time. I'd like there to be an option that makes it as easy as possible for non-technical users to publish content to a local server, perhaps even without the need for authentication.

One idea would be a simple HTTP transport to a web server running Wordpress, where the content would be added as a post. There could be a corresponding Wordpress plugin that a site administrator could easily install, and configure some settings such as whether to require authentication for the user and whether to hold uploaded stories for moderation before publishing.

Does this seem reasonable? If so, I'd be interested in working on it.


Dan Staples

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